Friday, July 29, 2005

Oregon memories

This is a shot of me from 2002, when President Bush came to visit Medford, Oregon, in order to tour the site of the Squire Fire, which I covered extensively for the Ashland Daily Tidings. Security was extensive. Snipers were posted on the roof of the airport. Marine 1 -- that's the code name for the President's chopper -- swept the area prior to the arrival of Air Force One. Jackson County Sheriff's Office provided hundreds of men in riot gear. And protesters were cordoned off in a "designated free speech zone" that the President wouldn't have to look at as he exited the airport to tour the fire site.

What I'm up to

After wintering in Oregon since 9/11, I've now returned to the Bay Area after an absence of 11 years to again eye both the editorial sphere as well as look for interesting companies innovating completely new things.

The hot areas, as far as I can tell, are RSS, VOIP, and security protocols to make these emerging technologies safe for consumers.

While I'm doing the job search, I'm also using the time to take a "book break," and developing pages on an upcoming novel.