Thursday, August 06, 2009

Crazy Like Fox

As if the AP strangeness wasn't enough, now Rupert Murdoch wants to put all FOX content behind a paywall.
(blink. blink.)
I have two reactions to this:
a) Being a lifelong Democrat, I'm perfectly happy to watch all of FOX news disappear into walled-garden irrelevance. It hasn't enhanced the political dialog, much of it is wrong/jingoistic/wing-nutty, and frankly those who rely on Fox News for "news" are doing themselves a vast disservice.
b) My fear, however, is that others (CBS/CNN/NBC) will copy Murdoch out of desperation, or benightedness.
But again, this supports the theme of my last post: media companies tried paywalls in the late 90s. Only the WSJ was able to pull that one off successfully. Most others gave up.
So, this is how far we've come. In 2009, we're willing to try the SAME thing that DIDN'T WORK a decade a go.
Please, shareholders: It's time for executive regime change at the networks, and newspaper chains.

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